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May 28, 2005


Melissa Lamb

I bred my first bulldog Lola to an Edwards' male in 2004, if I am correct he was from the last litter Barb Edwards bred. This is the foundation of my breeding program....there is definitely a wonderful and distinctive look to this line. We have active and healthy bulldogs and are proving it through OFA health testing. I was never lucky enough to meet the Edwards but am forever grateful for my wonderful start in bulldogs...the lines they created live on through myself and other breeders.


We don't have any, Cheryl, but you will like the dogs Julie Supple of Berea, OH is producing. Thy are based on Edwards lines and are quite healthy while retaining that famous massiveness.
Julie is at You can reach me at Good luck!

Cheryl Bryant

HELP....We bought our Lily from Bud and Barb 17 years ago and had a litter of 8 beautiful babies. The last just died at the age of 13. We want another bulldog but cannot find one to match the beauty of the Edwards bulldog. Do you have any or know of any for sale??? Cheryl Bryant, Shinglehouse, PA

jamie king

i have one of the last living edwards bulldogs. she is 9 years old and is doing well for her age. i met barbara near the end of her life, she was a tough customer and the little girl from the last of "buds" legacy has been my best friend for all these dogs sire was edwards g robinson.



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